What We Do: A Fresh Perspective

Ever wish you had access to a completely fresh, experienced perspective to help assess the audio and accessibility of your project?

We understand how easy it is to lose perspective when working on you project day after day, and we are here to help.

Any evaluation you need, our team of industry experts are focused on helping you deliver the best experience possible for your audience.

From high level audio direction and targeted punch lists to detailed test plans and bug reports, we got you covered.

Hello! We’re listening.

We Understand Your Needs

Every development team and every project is unique. Once we interview your key people and understand what you are looking for, we will produce a clear and detailed report identifying what we found to be awesome and what we think the opportunities are for improvement. Regardless of genre or platform, we give you actionable feedback on your project.

Who Uses Perception?

Game development can be hard. We can help.

  • Producers or Directors wishing to objectively evaluate the audio and/or accessibility features in their game.
  • Audio Directors looking to identify opportunities to push the quality of their sounds, music, dialogue, and mix.
  • Development teams needing tangible feedback on their accessibility offerings.
  • Audio teams looking for an unbiased expert opinion to identify both strengths and challenges in their content and systems.
  • Publishers evaluating a development build, looking for precise and objective feedback for identifying improvements.
  • We love to deep-dive into specifics like the LUFS loudness measurements between levels or transitions between cinematics and in-game sequences, or perhaps the suitability of audio options for specific audiences.
  • How does your game’s audio and accessibility stack up against the current industry benchmarks in similar genres?

Get In Touch!

If you are interested or curious about how we can help – reach out! We’d be super happy to talk with you about your evaluation needs.

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